Herby PoP Malagasy Vanilla

Herby PoP Malagasy Vanilla

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Let your tastebuds take a tantalizing voyage with Malagasy Vanilla popcorn. Crafted with care, this flavor takes organic kernels kettle popped to perfection and tosses them with the velvety essence of organic whole ground vanilla beans from Madagascar and finishes them with a delicate sweetness of organic cane crystals. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Each kernel transports you to the captivating landscapes of this exotic island, where the finest vanilla is grown. Experience the divine allure of the African island of Madagascar and be captivated by this beautiful flavor as you "Travel By Mouth".

Features: Organic popcorn kernels ,100% plant-based, No GMO's, No artificial colors or flavors, No preservatives. We say no, so you can say yes!

Herby PoP is a born and raised Chicago popcorn brand that is all about herbs, flavor, culture, and wellness. We're doing God's work--literally! While serving as medical missionaries we realized that even when people are on a healing journey, if it's going to be sustainable, they still need something fun, flavorful, and shareable to eat.

As the granddaughter of a sharecropper turned community visionary and cross-cultural connector, I grew up with food & conversation fueling connectivity. Eventually, I realized that these things that brought us together was also bringing our communal health down. I was personally impacted with obesity, ligament laxity, hormonal imbalance and other health issues all by the age of 22. So I went on a personal health & wellness journey, eventually becoming a medical missionary to help reverse some of the diseases and disorders plaguing our communities.

By experience I learned no one wants to eat foods that taste like cardboard or styrofoam. I was reminded of 2 things that Grandma taught me. People heal best in community and flavorful food makes people feel good. So, I crafted artisan herbed popcorn in flavors from around the globe. Here I am continuing my Grandmother's mission of building a community of cross-cultural connections with a shareable food that can nourish our wellness while celebrating global cultures. I invite you to connect with global cultures by exploring our popcorn flavors from around the globe.

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