KaZoom Kids Books The Magic Apple Tree

KaZoom Kids Books The Magic Apple Tree

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In the morning, Papa does not get out of bed until Lara wakes him. He tries to smile and says, “I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”
But Lara knows that he woke on the same side of the bed he always does.
The Magic Apple Tree reveals the experience of a young girl with a parent suffering from depression. Brave little Lara loves spending time with her dad and tries to understand when Papa doesn’t feel like playing.

When Lara and her best friend Haru decide to help an elderly neighbor, Ms. Morgan tend her apple tree, Ms. Morgan tells them that the tree is “magic” because each apple represents a wish. Lara and Haru let their imaginations run wild trying to decide what their big wishes should be - from flying a rocket ship to shrinking down as small as a bug - until Lara realizes there is nothing she wants more than for her beloved Papa to not feel so sad.

This leads to a loving conversation between father and daughter as Papa speaks frankly about the realities of living with depression - an illness that can’t simply be wished away. The Magic Apple Tree succeeds as both a lively storybook for kids ages 5 – 7 and a useful tool to inspire empowering conversations for families affected by depression, counselors, and teachers.

“Every child should see themselves, their family, and their community in a book.”

We see you. We hear you. We tell your stories. We are Kazoom Kids Books, a publisher of multicultural picture books for children ages 5 – 8. We fill the gap for parents of color struggling to find quality children’s books that depict the images, stories, and experiences of their kids, culture, and community. Our books feature diverse storylines, characters, and uplifting messages that instill a sense of pride that stay with the reader long after the pages are closed.

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