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Kena Wrap

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The Ultimate Satin Hair Wrap for all Types of Hair

With our patented design, the Kena Wrap transcends the ordinary, delivering more than your typical hair wrap.

Elevate your hair care routine with the Kena Wrap, a remarkable staple designed for hair protection. Crafted with precision and innovation, this satin sleep wrap is the epitome of luxury and functionality.

Key Features:

Non-Slip Design: The Kena Wrap stands out as a unique and exclusive solution for hair care. It boasts a patented design to ensure no slipping and sliding.

Satin Elegance: Fully lined with high-quality satin, the Kena Wrap is your hair's new bestie. The smooth satin interior cradles your curls, promoting healthier and shinier hair by evenly distributing your natural oils along the hair shaft as you sleep.

Compression Fabric Innovation: Setting itself apart from the rest, the Kena Wrap is the only wrap on the market featuring compression fabric around the edges.

Tailored Comfort: Experience the freedom of fully adjustable straps that guarantee a snug and comfortable fit. Our genuine hand-sewn construction adds durability and flexibility, making the Kena Wrap a lightweight and flexible choice for any occasion.

Hair Health Benefits: Reduce stress on your hair routine with the Kena Wrap. Spend less time worrying about your hair and more time enjoying its natural beauty. Say goodbye to friction-induced damage caused by abrasive linen from pillow cases.

Effortless Beauty: Embrace the easy-to-use nature of the Kena Wrap. Slide it on, adjust the straps, and enjoy all the benefits without any hassle.

Product Details:

Material: Crafted with care, the Kena Wrap combines Polyester Satin, Nylon, and Spandex for the perfect blend of comfort and durability.

Care Instructions: Keep your Kena Wrap pristine with simple care. Wash before first use, hand wash separately in cold water, avoid bleach, line dry, and refrain from ironing to maintain its premium quality.

Weight: Approximately 4.4 oz



Kena Wraps are versatile hair wraps created to aid in every aspect of your hair journey. Backed by a full utility patent, our Wraps are made with compression fabric and are uniquly designed to stay on without slipping off.




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