Spartan Fit Nutrition Resistance Bands Set | Full-Body Workout at Home!

Spartan Fit Nutrition Resistance Bands Set | Full-Body Workout at Home!

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Introducing the Spartan Fit Nutrition Resistance Bands Set - the perfect choice for your full-body workout at home! This set comes with 11 diverse sizes of versatile fitness loop tubes that can help you target and strengthen different muscles with adjustable resistance levels. It has comfortable handles that allow you to switch up your grip for different exercises and pull up assistance. The high-quality natural latex construction makes it durable and reliable for a long-term use. With this set, you can do a variety of exercises like squats, noise and chest press, shoulder press, reverse curls, and more. It can also be used as a warm-up or part of a rehabilitation program. Perfect for every fitness level, this Resistance Bands Set provides an easy and effective way to get fit and improve your strength.

Get your set today and start building your strength with body weight exercises at home! This 11 Piece resistance band set includes 5 bands ranging from 10 to 30 pounds, 2 handles, 2 ankle loops, a door loop, and a handy carrying case that allows you to take your workout anywhere. Each band can be used individually or together in any combination allowing a max resistance weight of 100 pounds.

• 5 Color Coated Bands
• 2 Ankle Loops
• 2 Cushioned Handles
• 1 Door Loop
• Carrying Case At Spartan Fit Nutrition we create the best supplements, home gym equipment and online training available.
Our goal is to help you better your overall health and wellness. Help you regain and increase your energy and vitality, enhance your movement, increase lean muscle, improve your motivation and mood.

Spartan Fit Nutrition $100 Home Gym Kit | Fitness On the Go

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