Trailside Table Seasoning Balm for Cast Iron and Carbon Steel

Trailside Table Seasoning Balm for Cast Iron and Carbon Steel

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Trailside Table Seasoning Balm will help you season your cast iron and carbon steel cookware to perfection, providing exceptional coverage, durability, and performance. Whether your cast iron is used at home, at a campsite, or if you have a set for each, our balm will help you season them to perfection. Our seasoning balm is a great starting point for adding seasoning to new, modern cast iron pieces or for restoring or improving vintage or heavily used pieces. The high smoke point of the oil used in our balm helps to provide durability, and, when used in accordance with the directions, the cookware will look better and better with each application. The wax in our balm helps to prevent drips and keep the oil in place while the seasoning process occurs. Unlike most other cast iron seasoning products, our balm is made with plant-based wax, which has a slightly higher melting point than bee's wax and is vegan friendly.

Our balm makes seasoning easy. By following our instructions, you'll avoid common seasoning issues.
- Seasoning helps enhance performance and protection.
- The oil used in our balm has a high polyunsaturated fat content, providing exceptional coverage.
- The high smoke point provides a durable seasoning layer without leaving a sticky film on the cook surface.
- The wax used in our balm helps with seasoning distribution and adherence while avoiding drips.

Trailside Table is a small, woman-owned business based in the Pacific Northwest. We are dedicated to creating products that take the guesswork out of cast iron care, use, and storage. Originally designed for use in a campsite, where water is scarce, our products can be used just as easily at home, in your RV or cabin, or anywhere you are cooking with cast iron. There are many health and environmental benefits to cooking in cast iron, but it can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to clean and care for cast iron cookware. Let us make it easy for you!

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